15 Smart Ideas To Block Your Neighbors Snooping

December 12, 2022

No one wants a snooping face while you have personal time with your family. Privacy invasion is common and a very big deal. So, what can you do about it? Wish you could block them on social media? Well, good news! We have detailed 15 cheap ways to block your neighbor’s unwanted view.

15 Cheap Ways to Block Your Neighbor’s View

Here are 15 smart ideas to block your neighbors’ view without spending a lot of money:

Invest in planting

Plant tall trees or bushes along the boundary line between both houses. This does two things: it provides a natural screen and increases your outdoor space’s privacy.


Build a solid fence between your properties; it may not be that cheap to block your neighbors’ view, but it definitely lasts a lifetime. A fence is an expensive but permanent solution to blocking the view.

Get beautiful curtains

Hang curtains or blinds on your windows that face your neighbors’ property. This can be a quick and easy way to block their snoopy eyes into your home.


Install lattice or trellis panels on your fence or along the boundary line between the two properties. These can be covered with climbing plants, adding privacy and making your outdoor space more attractive.

Privacy screens

Use privacy screens or privacy panels to block out your neighbor’s view. These are available in various materials and styles and can be easily installed on a fence or along the boundary line.

Window film

Install window film on windows that are in front of your neighbors’ property to obscure the view into your home. This option is great since it lets light pass through.

Time to place a hedge

Put up a privacy fence or hedge around your outdoor space. This will create a physical barrier between you and your neighbors and block their view.


Use a privacy screen or shade cloth to cover your outdoor space. This is a temporary solution and easily removable when you no longer need it.

Cloth to cover windows

Use a privacy shade cloth to cover your windows. This is a cheap way to block neighbors’ views into your home.

Hang plants outside

Hang plants or other decorative elements on your fence or along the boundary line between your houses. It not only adds visual interest but also blocks the view.

Gazebo outside

Use a pergola or gazebo to make your outdoor space private and secluded. It is an expensive option but will provide a permanent solution to stop the neighbors from peeking in.

Install window awnings on windows

Window awnings that face your neighbors’ property provide shade for you and block the view into your home.

Bamboo Fencing

Use bamboo or reed fencing as a natural screen. It looks attractive and is a relatively cheap option to keep your neighbors snooping out.

Privacy screen to cover the deck

A privacy screen or shade cloth for your patio or deck is perfect. Secluded space, private outdoor set up where you can relax without being seen by your neighbors.

Cloth to cover your pool or hot tub

This can provide privacy while you are using these outdoor amenities.

Final Words

Remember to check with your local zoning laws and homeowners association rules before making any changes to your property. It is best to get a permanent solution for this problem, like fencing, as it will surely help in the long run. Want to know more? Get in touch with professionals from Ark Fence Company for a consultation or quote.


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