5 Advantages of Using Chain Link Fence

December 15, 2022

Chainlink fence is feasible for residential and commercial use because of their many features. The strong steel crisscross fencing is designed to serve the purpose of providing a secure barrier to keep out trespassers. There are 4 main types of chainlink fence to choose from. Let’s dive in.

Types of Chainlink Fences Available

Chain Link Fence of Stainless Steel

These fences have a high level of alkaline resistance. Moreover, they can easily withstand increased temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

Stainless steel chain link fences are sturdy and durable compared to other fencing materials; therefore, they are more expensive.

Sagging, rolling, or breaking is not seen. Stainless steel fence retains its shape over a long period. This type is perfect for high-grade enclosures, which include highways, railroads, airports, etc.

Vinyl-Coated Chainlink Fence

Chain link fences coated with vinyl are coated with a thin layer of vinyl. You are more prone to get injured or hurt if you come in contact with the end having a sharp edge of the fence. Therefore, vinyl coating abates the risk of these injuries.

An added advantage of this type of chainlink fence is that it accentuates the curb appeal of your home. The color is limitless, so you can set it according to the theme.

Aluminum Chainlink Fence

Aluminum chain link fences have a wide range of characteristics; they are lightweight, weather and corrosion-resistant, and sturdy with high tensile strength.

This type of fence is coated like galvanized wire and is suitable for commercial or public places like a school or ranch. The best part is they last up to 25 years or more, even in extremely harsh weather conditions.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Galvanized means being zinc-coated. This type is the prime chainlink fence. Metal wires are layered and twisted together to make a strong woven fence, good enough to keep children and pets safe inside.

Zinc-coated steel does not undergo rust and maintains its fresh appearance for many years without damage or wear and tear by the weather, which is why it is fit for commercial use.

Advantages of Using Chain Link Fences

1: Cost-Effective

Chainlink, in comparison with other fence materials, requires the least amount of money for the installation. If budget is a big concern of yours, you really can’t go wrong with this type of fencing.

2: Variety

You may think that all types of chain link fences look the same, but that isn’t true. Different heights, gauges, and a wide range of color coating can customize these fences for a variety of applications.

3: Low Maintenance

If you take help from a professional to get the installation done, chainlink fencing will need low to no maintenance at all. This is due to galvanized, aluminum, or vinyl coating that does not rust or gather dirt. However, you may have to trim off the edges of any plants growing along the links. How bad could that be, right?

4: Visibility

What tears chainlink apart from other fence materials is its effective see-through factor. Visibility is a big advantage. It not only lets you see people approaching but also enables sunlight to shine through your property.

5: Quick and Easy Installation

Chain link fencing is much quicker to put up than other types that require long hours of installation. If you are running on a clock or want to have your secured enclosed property, this may be a major advantage.

Final Words

At Arkfence Company, we offer chain link fencing in the most affordable price range. Contact one of our experts at (281) 789-4081 for a consultation and initial quote.


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