Are Permits Required For Fence Replacement?

January 15, 2024

As a homeowner, it is quite normal to be confused about the replacement of a fence and whether or not permits are needed. If you are also in such a situation, this blog is the perfect piece of reading for you.

Local Zoning Laws

Fence codes and regulations are not universal or the same for everybody; they are different for every state, with some even having specific zoning laws. Therefore, it is crucial to note that certain areas may require a zoning permit before a fence permit.

Variations in Codes

Local codes play quite an important role in shaping the appearance and beauty of neighborhoods. Even if there is no prerequisite for a permit, it must comply with your city codes.

Some factors that must be put into perspective include understanding property lines, sidewalks, roads, flood areas, and public access points. Other than that, height and opacity codes are common, with additional restrictions for corner lots.

Types of Fences and Permit Requirements

  • Privacy Fence
    They are usually made of wood with minimal light permeability and are well-suited for residential areas. You do not need to get one if the fence is below 6 feet in height.
  • Pool Fence
    Getting a permit is a must since this fence comes under a mandatory umbrella with a height requirement of 60 inches at least.
  • Wood Fence
    The requirement is an open surface of 30% with a written permit stating this fact in bold.
  • Brick Retaining Wall
    If the height is under 4 feet, there is no need to get into details regarding permits; however, there are certain exceptions, like the wall’s attachment to the fence or has a back slope greater than 2:1, or supports a surcharge.
  • Front Fence
    Front fences need no documentation regarding the authorization if the height is under 6 feet.
  • Residential Fence
    It depends on the type of your location. Check out with your building or area if they need permit documents before you get in with your project.

How to Apply for a Fence Permit

The application process is quite simple and divided into the following steps:

  1. Application submission:
    You can either apply online or go to their office in person to complete the forms, submit documents, and fill in the necessary fees.
  2. Plan Submission:
    Devise a proper site plan that meets all the requirements set by your local building department; this information is available on the website for use.
  3. Review:
    It is the commission’s duty to scrutinize your site plan to check whether or not it complies with the local and state building codes.
  4. Fence Permit Issuance:
    Finally, once your plan aligns with codes and regulations, a fencing permit is issued.

Closing Note

The entire process of obtaining the permit might seem long and taxing, but it is essential to abide by the rules set by your local authority. If you have questions or concerns regarding fencing permits, contact Ark Fence. We are here with your answers. Connect with us by dialing (281) 789-4081 for an appointment today.


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