Payment Responsibility Between Neighbors For Fence Repair

Mar 30, 202423 Views

Even the best neighbors can turn their heads away when it’s time to pay for fence repair. There have been cases where heated debates ended up in court. Therefore, it is crucial to know who is responsible for fence repair on a property line between neighbors to avoid such a circumstance. What is a Boundary […]

How Long Does A Cedar Fence Usually Last?

Mar 15, 202462 Views

Are you craving for a backyard with classic charm that woos all? Consider cedar fencing! It is among the most attractive wooden fences, providing a natural warmth to your space. Whether it is additional privacy you are looking for, or want to secure pets in your backyard, cedar fencing is your one-stop solution. Wondering if […]

How Far Can Your Fence Post be Apart?

Feb 29, 202446 Views

When you are putting up a fence on a property, getting the spacing of posts right is super important. If you place them too far, your fence might end up sagging, making it easy to break down by a strong breeze. So, how far should your fence post be ideally apart? Well, it varies depending […]

How Can You Stop Dogs From Digging Under The Fence?

Feb 15, 202457 Views

If your pup keeps on finding ways to go on the other side of the fence, it is crucial as a pet parent to learn what might be the reason it wants to run away; along with ways to reverse that from happening. In this blog, we have detailed the reasons why your precious one […]

Pvc Or Vinyl, Which Option Is Better For A Fence?

Jan 30, 2024147 Views

If you have been reading about fence installation or replacement for a while now, the two terms PVC and vinyl might not be new to you. Both show extensive durability, need little to no maintenance, and imitate the look of real wood. But you must wonder which of the two is better, PVC or vinyl, […]

Are Permits Required For Fence Replacement?

Jan 15, 202470 Views

As a homeowner, it is quite normal to be confused about the replacement of a fence and whether or not permits are needed. If you are also in such a situation, this blog is the perfect piece of reading for you. Local Zoning Laws Fence codes and regulations are not universal or the same for […]

How Long Does Pressure Treated Fence Last?

Dec 30, 202363 Views

Curious to know about the longevity of a pressure treated wooden fence before investing your hard-earned money in it? Do not worry; we have you covered! Learning about how long it would last and ways you can increase its life is a good initiative. Let’s get on with it! Pressure-Treated Wooden Fences and Their Durability […]

Aluminum vs. Chain-Link Fences | The Better Option

Dec 15, 202390 Views

When we discuss home security, the significance of a robust fence’s role cannot be overstated. Fences are not only appropriate to mark property boundaries but also act as a restraint against intruders. With so many options available, it is understandable for you to get confused. If your mind is rummaging between aluminum vs. chain-link fences, […]

When Is It The Best Time To Stain A New Fence?

Nov 30, 2023107 Views

Preserving the life and aesthetic appeal of your wooden fence is a tale of more than just the looks. It encompasses the action of safeguarding your investment against the wrath of nature. Amongst solutions, fence staining has been found to be the best option; it not only enhances its natural color but also serves as […]

Is Power Wash Suitable For A Vinyl Fence?

Nov 15, 202396 Views

Vinyl fencing is a top choice for both residential and commercial properties due to its elegance and durability. Unlike others, it mimics the charm of traditional wood fencing minus the worry of rotting or cracking. However, they need different maintenance compared to wood, and amongst many methods of cleaning, one stands out – power wash. […]


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