Do You Know How to Stain a Fence in 10 Easy Steps?

October 30, 2022

Does your wood fence need a little staining? Applying stains to your wooden fence would not only enhance the design, but also increase its durability. The best approach would be to use a semi-transparent oil-based stain. Moreover, ensure that it is meant for the exterior. But how to stain a fence? Carry on reading to brush your wood fence with benefits.

Easy Steps to Stain a Fence

When it comes to staining the fence, you should keep a few things in mind. Before we tell you how to stain a fence, you should know it will slow mildew growth and rot. In addition, it adds a subtle tint to highlight the natural patina of the underlying wood. So grab onto your supplies and read these steps on how to stain a fence:

1. Pick the Right Day for the Job

Staining a fence is not as easy as picking up a brush and splashing the fence. Therefore, keep an eye on the weatherly forecast. Then, select a day with a temperature between 50° to 80° and low to moderate humidity. Furthermore, there should be no precipitation expected for 24 hours. This is because the wood might take longer to dry due to extreme cold. In comparison, extremely hot temperatures could dry it out too fast and leave lap marks on the fence.

2. Get the Wood Prepared for Painting

Your wood fence could require stripping or sanding to prepare it for painting. Thus, do what is needed for your fence.

3. Clean the Fence

Use a high-pressure spray nozzle attached to a garden hose or a power washer to clean the fence with water. Make sure to wash it thoroughly to remove some dirt accumulation. In addition, it can get rid of the old varnish sticking to the fence. Also, go for a low-powered unit that operates at 2,000 psi at most if you’re using a power washer. Before you proceed, allow the wood to dry completely.

4. Spot Treat Mold & Mildew

Is there mold or mildew on your fence? Use bleach diluted with water to spot-treat them. Wearing rubber gloves, use a garden sprayer to apply the diluted bleach. Next, rinse the fence with a power washer or high-pressure spray nozzle.

5. Fill the Small Spaces with Wood Filler

If your wooden fence has chips, gouges, or cracks, you can use a wood filler to repair them. However, sometimes, you’ll need to replace the damaged slots.

6. Roll Out the Painter’s Tape & Dropcloth

Use the painter’s tape on the areas you don’t wish to stain. Moreover, cover the surrounding vegetation with a drop cloth.

7. Apply the Stain

Grab a brush, roller, or sprayer for staining the fence.

Pick a natural-bristle brush to paint with oil-based wood stain. Start by dipping the brush’s tip into the stain can. After that, coat the horizontal slats from left to the right, working your way from top to bottom. Cover the entire length of the vertical slants with a wet tip. You can prevent lap marks by staining one to two slats together. Start staining the end grain when you’ve reached the slat’s bottom.

If you’re staining with a roller, choose a medium nap roller cover and thoroughly saturate it with stain. Stain in two to three-foot sections, and don’t forget to back-brush or re-paint the uncovered spots. Use a wide brush to do so as you cover the hard-to-reach areas and get an even coat.

For those opting for a sprayer, stick to the steps on how to stain a fence with a roller. However, stand at a comfortable distance from the fence for staining.

8. Let it Dry & Reapply

Let the fence dry after you’ve stained it. You can apply additional coats until you reach your desired colors. If your wood fence is new or you plan to seal it, a single coat would be enough.

9. Apply a Coat of Sealer

You can apply a quality stain to protect your fence against wear and tear. Still, a coat of durable sealant can prolong the finish and durability of your fence.

10. Time to Clean Up!

Get rid of the soiled drop clothes and remove the painter’s trip. Voila! You can enjoy your much-enhanced fence!

What to do?

After learning how to stain a fence, get regular maintenance to prolong its life. Ark Fence can help you with everything related to your fence. Dial (281) 789-4081 to make the most of our services.


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