Pvc Or Vinyl, Which Option Is Better For A Fence?

January 30, 2024

If you have been reading about fence installation or replacement for a while now, the two terms PVC and vinyl might not be new to you. Both show extensive durability, need little to no maintenance, and imitate the look of real wood. But you must wonder which of the two is better, PVC or vinyl, for your fence. The answer is both; however, even with the same effects, they do have a difference. Let’s find that out.

What Is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a plastic material that is more towards the brittle side in its base form. This is the main reason why additives are mixed to make it stronger and enhance its durability. You might not have noticed, but you may have come across many vinyl versions until now.

Some of the types you may have encountered include:

  • EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) is found in wire coatings, films, and adhesives.
  • PEVA (Polyethylene vinyl acetate) is a part of shower curtains in your home.
  • PVA (Polyvinyl acetate) is a common part of paints and adhesives.
  • PVB (Polyvinyl butyral) is usually a part of safety glass.
  • And lastly – PVC

A Bit on PVC

PVC, also known as polyvinyl chloride, is the most famous type of vinyl present in the industry. Anything labeled as PVC has been made stronger, showing increased durability and more resistance to UV degradation and the weather. All this is possible due to the addition of fortifying additives to it.

It is not wrong to think about pipes and plumbing as soon as you hear or read the term PVC. But the fences we are talking about here are not made of pipes! This is the main reason why the term vinyl is used for PVC fences. Not only does it sound more pleasing, but it also gives a better impression. Since it is strong and durable, PVC can be used for plumbing, fences, and flooring.

PVC and Vinyl – The Difference

In a nutshell – all vinyl is not PVC, but every PVC is vinyl. Although you might find the terms being used interchangeably, when they say vinyl, they are referring only to PVC, not any of the other types.

Similar Benefits of Both Materials

Here are some of the benefits that both show:

  1. Durability: PVC fences are resistant to both biological and chemical extremes, making them a long-lasting option.
  2. Low Maintenance: Unlike wood fences, PVC vinyl fences do not require regular lookouts and changes such as painting or staining.
  3. Weather-Resistance: They can easily withstand weather conditions like heavy rain and wind.
  4. Imitation of Real Wood: PVC fences can easily mimic real wood in terms of looks without decaying or warping.

Closing Note

To sum it all up, both PVC and vinyl fences are durable, need less maintenance, and are weather-resistant. So, it all boils down to factors such as cost, appearance, and specific needs for you. If you have a fencing job on your wish list, rely on us to fulfill all the obligations regarding your fencing needs. Contact the most efficient fence company in Tomball, TX, Ark Fence, by dialing (281) 789-4081 for an appointment today.


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