Why Do You Need Fences For Large Properties?

February 28, 2023

Fences are necessary to save your property from the outside world. Other than safety, fences offer homeowners several other benefits, such as privacy. A company can install a barrier on a less substantially sized property easily. However, rural acreage may pose some problems. If you need information on fences for large properties, you’re in luck. This blog has detailed the top 5 fences you can go for on your large acreage property.

Top 5 Fences For Large Properties

Here are the most popular fences for large-sized properties.

Barbed Wire Fencing

This kind of fence is the most affordable agricultural, rural fencing option. It is light on the pocket and a good choice for cattle pastures and perimeter fencing.

There is a wide range of choices of galvanized wire thicknesses. You can select the spacing according to your choice between barbs.

High-Tensile Wire Fence

For high-tensile wire fencing, heavy wooden posts pull a smooth galvanized wire at an extensive tension. This choice is one of the most popular agriculture fencing options. Its function is similar to barbed wire and is a good alternative for livestock fencing.

It is not easy for them to break through, and they won’t even hurt the animals. Moreover, you can include some electrical wires to it keep your livestock from leaning or pushing against the fence.

Split Cedar Fence

Let’s talk about options that are not ordinary, such as split cedar fencing, a unique choice for a traditional look. Your large property with this fence will give your acreage a rustic look. Moreover, it requires very less maintenance.

Post and Rail Fence

In case you own livestock and want a fence for that, post and rail is the best choice. You have unlimited options to choose from when it comes to wood farm fencing. You may select either horizontal post and plank fencing or post and rail fencing. They have wood posts, rails of steel, or vinyl fencing materials, making it feasible for cattle fencing.

Game Fencing

You can choose to get a game fence to keep any game out of your area or, if you’re a game farmer, keep the livestock in. usually, a game fence is 8 to 10 feet tall and is mostly used for games like elk, bison, or deer in their grazing area.

Does Your Large Property Really Need a Fence?

Rural population inhabitants often have an increased appreciation for the outdoors. If you live on vast acreage or own extensively large land, getting a fence may seem unnecessary.

However, the added barrier will help you keep your wildlife/cattle safe and sound in a place. When your piece of land is that large, it is great to install a fence for the safety of your livestock.

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